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Quick note: If a + is before the different options, it means added points. if a - is before the different options, it means minus points. 


-No additional points for pony
+10 points for cats/dogs/wolves/anything on four legs
+30 points Humans/humanoid creatures

Chibi style:

Normal chibi: 65 points 
-30 points less for a headshot
+50 points for a background
+20 points for another character (20 points each new character)
+20 points for a crayon chibi (Like this: Dreamstreak - commission)

pixel style: 

Normal pixel: 50 points
+20 points for another character (20 points each new character)

Shaded style: 

Normal shaded: 250 points
- 50 points for a headshot
+50 points for a background
+60 points for another character
+30 points for a crayon chibi

No lineart style: 

Normal no lineart: 1000 points
-300 points for a headshot
+200 points for a background 
+250 points for another character 

Me: "Ok, this will be easy! Mismagius, use Dazzling glea-!"
Nanu: "Shadow ball..."
*Foe sableye used shadow ball!*
*It's super effective!*
*Mismagius fainted!*
Me: "Uh ok..... I shouldn't have used a ghost type anyway.. Uh, go Magnezone! Use Discharge!"
*Foe sableye fainted*
*Nanu sent out krokorok!"
Nanu: "Earthquake..."
Foe Krokorok used earthquake!
*It's super effective!*
*Magnezone fainted!*
Me: "Gr..... God damnit... Ok, go Decidueye! use leaf blade!"
Nanu: "Crunch..."
*Foe Krokorok used crunch!*
*It's super effective!*
*Decidueye fainted!*
Me: "Oh fuck you!.... Fine, come on pelipper, use hydro pump!"
*Pelipper used hydro pump!*
*Foe Krokorok fainted!*
Me: "Ok, we're bringing it back!"
*Nanu sent out Persian!*
Me: "Use hurricane, Pelipper!"
*Hurricane missed!*
Nanu: "Power gem..."
*Foe persian used power gem!*
*It's super effective!*
*Pelipper fainted!*
Me: "OH FUCK YOU! Whatever..... Salazzle, try not to faint!"
Nanu: "Power gem..."
*Foe persian used power gem!*
*It's super effective!*
*Salazzle fainted!*
Me: *
Falls onto hands and knees, Death the kid style* "How could this happen...." Gladion: "........ What just happened..."
Long story short, Dark-type trainers give you a run for your money, quite literally. No wonder there are no dark-type gyms.
*Hala meeting*
Nanu: "Are you carrying a child in there..."
Hala: *Punches him in the gut*
*Olivia meeting*
Nanu: *Grabs her ass* "Nice ass"
Olivia: *Punches his nose*
*Hapu meeting*
Nanu: "I'm fairly certain Kahuna's at least need to be 16... And over 4 foot"
Hapu: What'd yall just say to me... *Mudsdale towers over her*
Most teenagers these days are swooning over Edward cullen N shit, while I'm just here in the corner looking at smut of Nanu, and crying over ice cream because he's not real. 

Now that I think about it, I'm not that different from them. 
You know what I really don't like? When people in lemons call the reader a slut or whore. In most lemons, the reader is a virgin, or has had sex with one guy that is long gone out of her life. It's not really being a slut when you're a virgin
Some girls: "Do you have a crushhh?"

Me: "Yes"

Some girls: "OoOoO~ Who is it!?" 

Me: *Grabs a scroll from my bag and waits for it to unroll* "Let's see....... Bill cipher, Greed, Roy mustang, Wrath, Ling yao, Sebastian Michaelis, Claude Faustus, William T. spears, Grell sutcliff, Kahuna Nanu, Guzma, Team rocket Giovanni, Factory head Thorton, Elite four Will, Team aqua Archie, Team flare Lysandre, Professor Sycamore, Professor Kukui, Dr. stein, Spirit Albarn, Kishin Asura, Jackseptieye, Antisepticeye, Levi Ackerman, Slenderman, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack, Zalgo, Masky, Hoodie, Ticci Toby, Light Yagami, Ryuk, L Lawliet, Anddddddd that's all for now. 

Some girls: "........"
"Why are Meowths at my doorstep"
"What ingredients are in this cat food?"
"I'm tired"
"Can't I have one god damn day without being challenged by a five-year-old?"
"When Guzma slaps a girl's ass, she blushes and tells him to "Stop teasing" but when I do, I get slapped and called a creep" 
"Persian, can... can you just stop dropping Ribombee on my bed at night?"
"why are you touching me"
"Stop touching me"
Giovanni: I'd gladly be his lap pet- 
Maxie: *Holds hands to sides of my mouth* NEEERRRRDDDDDDDDDDDDD 
Archie: Uh dude, I think your admin just sexually assaulted me verbally 
Cyrus: Teenage angst much? 
Ghetsis: Discount Giovanni Still would be his lap pet (Don't kill me, it's a joke-)
Ghetsis 2: You went from 0 to 100 real quick
Lysandre: Do you need a hug?
Guzma: I don't wanna say anything bad or sexual because Rayman-Gamer might strangle me with my own intestines...... 

!WARNING! The following has explicit content that people might find disgusting! Pretty much, if ya don't like sex, then don't read this!

!DOUBLE WARNING! If you are offended by the word "cunt" this probably isn't a story for you!


You walked up to the doors, anticipation creeping up on you. You were inside team skull's base, about to battle Guzma. You swallowed thickly, your feet frozen in place. You moved your hand to the doorknob, gripping it tightly. You turned it, the door swinging open with a gentle creak. Your heart pounded in your chest, regretting your decision to come here. Despite that nagging voice telling you to turn back, you stepped into the room, staring at the very cause of your fear. 


He stared down at you, a mocking smirk adorning his face. For a good minute or two, the two of you simply stared each other down. Between his intimidating presence, and your frightened aura, neither of you had to do anything to make you start backing up. That was all it took for Guzma to make his move. 

In one quick motion, he slicked behind you and shut the doors. They made a loud bang, causing you to jump forward and away from him. You spun around and looked at him, surprise and anger shining in your eyes. 

"Awh, why the bitter look?" He asked snidely, his smirk turning into a full on grin. He was enjoying this far too much.

"You know exactly why!" You retorted, your words laced with poison. This only made him laugh. 

"Oh do I? Excuse me if I'm wrong, but you're the one who trespassed on my territory" He hissed, starting to move toward you. You were frozen, your mind taking a few seconds to comprehend what was happening. Your mind snapped into reality as he was upon you. You tried to slip out from beside him, but his reflexes were much faster than you expected. HIs arm whipped around your waist and pulled you up. In a matter of seconds, he flung you onto the bed in the corner of the room. 
You yelped as you bounced on the bed, trying to steady yourself. He walked up towards the edge of the bed, looking down at you menacingly. He almost gently got on top of you, pinning you down by your arms. You fearfully stared up at him. He grabbed something out of your view. When he retracted his hand back, in his hand was some rope. You couldn't believe what was happening. He grabbed your wrists and held them together above your head, before tying them together. 

You started to shiver as he moved your head to the side, exposing your neck to him. He moved his head down to the crook of your neck, chuckling slightly before sinking his teeth into your neck. You let out a scream, pain flying throughout your body. He released your neck, slightly annoyed at your scream. His hands wandered down your body, gripping the hem of your shirt. You started to squirm.

"N-no... Please..." You begged, tears daring to prick your eyes. You didn't want this. He completely ignored your words as he lifted up your shirt. He ran his hand along your stomach, before hooking his fingers on the strap of your bra. He pulled it off your shoulder, doing the same to the other strap. He pulled it down to your hips, leaving them there for the time being. 

He ran his finger against your nipple, chuckling darkly as he felt it harden under his hand. He pinched and twisted it, enjoying the whimpers you made each time he did so. He soon lost interest, moving his attention to your waist. He removed your bra fully, throwing it off to the side when he got it loose. 

He grabbed the rim of your pants/skirt and pulled it down roughly. He threw them across the room as well, before grabbing the rim of your panties as well. Unlike your other clothing, he pulled this down slowly, as if daring you to resist. He frowned up at you, surprised at your submissive nature. He had expected you to at least put up a fight before he fully removed your last bit of clothing. 

A thought ran through his mind, a grin spreading across his face. He moved off the bed. You looked up at him with confusion, before realizing what he was doing. He pulled up his shirt over his head, revealing his toned chest to you. Your face flushed red and you squeezed your eyes shut, not wanting to watch as he continued. He shrugged and continued to remove his clothing. He pulled his baggy pants off, his boxers slipping off as well. He climbed back onto the bed, moving his face to your ear. 

"Open your eyes~" He whispered in your ear, his raspy voice sending chills down your spine. You peeked, your eyes conveniently positioned towards his crotch. You gasped as you stared at his length, already throbbing with want. You closed your thighs, trying to keep him from taking your precious virginity. You should've known it was futile. 

His strong arms pushed your thighs apart, spreading your womanhood for him. You felt his manhood press against you entrance, ready to penetrate you. In an instant, he plunged his dick into ou, hitting the back of your cunt almost immediately. You let out a strangled cry as he began to relentlessly pound into you, without any mercy. His girth stretched your G-spot, sending tingles up and down your spine. 

"F-fuck.... Such a tight little brat..." He groaned out, his thrusts slowing but increasing in power. You screamed once more, your back arching into the bed. "That's it.... You love this don't you, little cunt?" He grunted in a mocking tone. 

"G-guzma-!" You could finally make out a word, as your climax overtook you. Your cum spurted out onto his shaft, lubricating him further. He picked up speed once again, pounding into your G-spot. He let out a long and aggressive groan, as he planted his tip deep inside you, cum spewing into your womb. 

"S-shit...!" He moaned, grinding his teeth as pleasure overcame his body. He pulled out, his limp cock drooping down. He focused on your cunt, watching as his cum dripped out of you, staining the bedsheets. He fell beside you, wrapping his arms around your body. You shook in his grasp, but there was a strange comfort there. You closed your eyes and fell to sleep in his hold.


Mostly for a friend, and sorta a gift for myself-
Chap. 1:  Stolen heart [Giovanni x reader] Chap. 1Quick summary: 
Y/N is young adult who works at a small local bakery. She owns five Pokemon, a Ninetales(Hiro), a Gloom(Sheila), an Eevee(Kiyo), a Nidorino(Ether), and a Persian(Sino). One day she goes out into the forest to search for berries for pastries. During this hunt, she had discovered a mysterious building. At the sight of this building, her Ninetales dashed forward towards the place. She had no choice but to follow, thus dragging herself into the infamous team rocket's business. 
"Have a great day, sir!" You cheered happily as your latest customer walked out the door, waving goodbye. She sighed a bit, as the thought of her needing to collect more berries lingered in her mind. She turned around and looked at the time. It was 4:01. She thought it over and removed her apron. She had enough time to gather enough berries to last until the weekend. Her Ninetales slept cozily in its bed, his chest rising and falling with each breath.


???'s POV

I watched the screen intently, internally panicking at the scene playing out before me. 'What happens if the boss finds out?! He's going to blame me for letting her get this far' Sweat rolled down my brow, my brain scrambling for a plan. I tried to hide my stress from my colleagues. Without warning, the doors flew open. 

"E-Executive Archer!" A feminine voice called out. I turned my head to the sound of my name, glaring at the flustered grunts standing at the doors. 

"What is it.." I asked, irritation clear in my voice. They trembled under my gaze.

"T-the girl! She's taken out contingent two!" The grunt yelped. I groaned and rubbed my temples, trying to calm myself, and keep from snapping at them. 

"You don't think I can see that?" I said, gesturing to the flashing screens. They faltered at my words. 

"N-no sir, I would never imply t-that!" They stiffened, taking a step back. 

"Then what do you want?" I asked once more. They did not respond. I grunted, before getting up and quickly walking past them. I pulled out a Pokeball. 'If they won't take care of her, I will' Dark thoughts raced across my mind of what I could do when I get my hands on the little brat (No- No, bad fangirls! The lemon is not with him!). A sinister grin formed on my face as I strode down the hall, getting closer and closer to my prey. 

I turned the corner, and there she was. Her back was turned to me, focusing her attention on the grunts in front of her. I refrained from making a noise and placed my Pokeball back onto my belt. It seemed I didn't need Him for this. I gently walked behind her, barely making a noise. Without warning, I tightly wrapped my arms around her torso, forcefully picking her up off the ground. 

The girl yelped as I held her up in my arms, alerting her Ninetales. It turned to face me, before pouncing. It sunk it's fangs into my arm. I hissed as pain flew throughout my body, my own blood already staining my white uniform. 

"What are you waiting for you fools! Attack it!" I shouted furiously at the stunned grunts. They staggered, but followed my commands and called attacks out for their Pokemon. I covered the girl's mouth and nose, preventing her from calling out directions for her Pokemon. I watched as the Ninetales' grip on my arm loosen, as one of the Grunt's Drowzee sent it into sleep. I felt the girl go limp in my arms. It seems she has fallen unconscious from lack of air. I removed my hand.

"Take her, and the Ninetales, and put them into a cell until further notice. I have to take care of my arm at the moment" I trailed off as I started to walk away.  


Giovanni is coming, do not fear-
So, this is my personal theory on how Nanu became Acerola's 'uncle'. Now, this is not a Nanu x Acerola- I can honestly say I hate that ship (Along with a bunch of other ships), so if you don't mind, please do not take it as that. 


Nanu walked steadily down the dirt road, his hands shoved in his pockets. He walked silently back to his home. He stopped and turned his head. Snuggled in the crevice of a Pokemon center, was a girl. She had long and messy violet hair that covered most of her face. She wore a ragged cloak, stitched from different cloths. Nanu felt a stab of sympathy in his heart. He waved it off. This was just some random girl, why should he feel for her? 

"Tsk, I almost feel bad for you..." He lied, trying to cover his empathy. The girl looked up at him. She had looked as if she had been crying. His face wavered but nonetheless, he continued walking, trying to block the girl from his mind. He went against what his mind told him and looked back. There, the girl watched him only standing at 4'1. Her gaze sent chills down his spine. He groaned and turned around. He practically stomped back, before picking up the girl and slinging her over his shoulder. He couldn't figure out what compelled him to do this, but he did. 

"H-hey! Let me go, you old man!" The girl shouted hoarsely, her throat obviously dry from lack of water. He didn't respond and continued to walk down the path. She punched his back for the first few minutes before she gave up. She spoke up as he entered the Ula'ula meadow. 

"Where are you taking me?" She asked, her voice cracking a bit. He sighed, before responding. 

"I'm taking you to my home... I'm the Kahuna after all, and I can't let my people suffer..". She paused. She didn't realize he was the Kahuna! She was shocked that such a grumpy old man would be crowned Kahuna(Note; Kahuna is island king/queen in Japanese). The two of them were silent for the rest of the way, both of them swaying gently as he took each step. He abruptly set her back onto her feet. As she turned, she was greeted by a police station. 

"This... This is your home?" She asked in confusion. He nodded with a quick 'Mhm' and pulled out some keys. He unlocked the doors, holding them open for her. She looked inside, before fully walking inside. She stared at the scene. There was a small kitchen, two couches, a small work area sand most importantly, there were Meowths. Tons of them. Of all the things she expected, this was at the bottom of her list. She heard the door close behind her. 

"So kid, what's your name...?" He inquired, his back returning to it's hunched over position.

"My.... My name?" She looked at him with confusion. She was never given a name. "I... I don't have a name" She followed up with. He sighed.

"Well I can't keep calling you kid" He sneered mockingly. He stared at her. "Hm.... How about Acerola?" He suggested. She didn't have anything else better to name herself with. 


I just wanna put this out there....... My girlfriend and I.... Broke up... So I-I'd like it if... You didn't make any fanart of us together....... At least not as l-lovers........
Quick summary: 

Y/N is young adult who works at a small local bakery. She owns five Pokemon, a Ninetales(Hiro), a Gloom(Sheila), an Eevee(Kiyo), a Nidorino(Ether), and a Persian(Sino). One day she goes out into the forest to search for berries for pastries. During this hunt, she had discovered a mysterious building. At the sight of this building, her Ninetales dashed forward towards the place. She had no choice but to follow, thus dragging herself into the infamous team rocket's business. 


"Have a great day, sir!" You cheered happily as your latest customer walked out the door, waving goodbye. She sighed a bit, as the thought of her needing to collect more berries lingered in her mind. She turned around and looked at the time. It was 4:01. She thought it over and removed her apron. She had enough time to gather enough berries to last until the weekend. Her Ninetales slept cozily in its bed, his chest rising and falling with each breath. 

"Hey, buddy.... Wake up, we gotta go berry hunting.." You whispered to the Fox Pokemon. He let out a low whine and a meek bark in an attempt to sound sick. You laughed at his laziness, gently nudging him out of the bed. "Come on, Hiro! I'll let you have some of the Liechi berries~" You said, trying to incentivise him into moving. His head perked up, and he jumped out, leaving you in his bed. 

You got up and dusted off his fur. He stood at the door, his tails wagging simultaneously. You quickly grabbed your bag and a basket for berries. You walked up to the door and opened it for Hiro. You walked through the door and began to move walk towards the forest, Hiro walking promptly ahead of you. 


You looked up at the sky through the forest canopy, worrying that you won't be able to make it home before nightfall. Hiro was sniffing the air around him, running and jumping throughout the foliage, looking for the path. The two of you had wondered off the trail after Hiro had picked up the scent of Wiki berries, which were used to make your most famous pastry. You had found them, granted, but you had lost your way and wandered into an unknown part of the forest. 

Suddenly, Ninetales dashed forwards in a seemly random direction. You stood, gaping at the unexpected motion. As your mind registered, you dropped your basket and ran after him, yelling for him to stop. You tripped over tree roots and brush as you slowly began to lose sight of Hiro. You panted and gasped for air, but still persisted in the chase. You closed your eyes and tried to calm your heavy breathing.

You abruptly burst from the heavy atmosphere and into a clearly. You stopped in your tracks as you reopened your eyes. In front of you was a building, and more importantly, Hiro. There were two men clad in full black, a Koffing and Golbat by each of theirs sides. On their uniforms was a red "R". The two of them looked surprised, but nevertheless called out attacks for their Pokemon. On instinct, you called out a command to Hiro. 

"Hiro, dodge!" Hiro complied and swiftly moved out of the line of attack. Flames lit inside his mouth, and set blaze to the ground beneath the opposing Pokemon, before spiraling up and trapping them in a tornado fire. The men scoffed, before calling back their Pokemon. 

"We need to tell the boss" One of the men whispered to the other, his partner nodding in response. They turned, entering a code into the door system. The door opened and they ran in, leaving you there. You growled, and dashed after them, Hiro following by your side. It had finally clicked in your mind. The black uniforms, the red 'R' on their shirts, the attack on Hiro, it all fell into place. They were a part of team Rocket, and this was their base. 

The thought of returning home had disappeared completely from your mind, replaced with the need for justice. You ran through the halls, trying your best to keep up with the men. To your dismay, you had lost track of them. You slowed your run to a stop, looking around. You couldn't remember which way you took to get here. You had no choice but to wander in hopes of finding the exit, unknown of the cameras studying your every move. 


Chap. 2 coming soon to a theater near you-
Step 1. Get clean
Shave every single part of your body, scrub every crevice, shampoo and condition your hair twice. Make sure to put on some sort of purfume or Colone.
Step 2. If he insults you, insult him back
He insults people he likes. Warning, if he tells you to fuck off, abort the mission. Right away, it dangerous if otherwise
Step 3. Have angry sex
Pretty explanatory.
SO! I'm making a discord thing- whatever- AND I don't know what I should name it, so I'm leaving it up to you guys! Make it a nice name please, I'm begging you-
So I heard this one person day something about Trump being able to "Get back up again" and that his FOUR BANKRUPTCIES prove that. I have two things to say about this; 

1. You can't "Get back up" when you're running a country! Sure, you can flip it around, but with the way Trump is running it, there is no way in hell that is happening! It's like saying you can survive an explosion WHEN YOU'RE DEAD CENTER IN THE BLAST! It's not happening, and the fact that people even PRECEIEVED the thought that Trump can do that with the policies he's running is just unbelievable. 

2. Trump's presidency is like that off-brand food. It's cheaper, and it's in your budget. But the problem with it is, it's low-quality and probably is extremely bad for your health. But you still buy it and ignore the consequences. When you bring it home and use it, you realize that it was a shit product, and you go to bring it back. When you go, the store clerk says you can't return it. So now, you're stuck with something you'll never use and will be taking up space until you get rid of it. 

Trump supporting hillbillies

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1. You have to post ALL the rules
2. Answer 12 questions that you have been asked and then create twelve more questions for the others that you tagged to answer.
3. Choose 12 people. 
4. Legitimately tag these 12 people. 
5. You can't say you don't do tags.
6. Tag backs are ALLOWED
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  1.       Which fictional world would you love to visit, and what places would you like to see in that world?

  The pokemon world, AND NANU'S DI- *We are having technically difficulties* 

    2.       What is the most awesome fangirl/fanboy moment you’ve ever had?


    3.       Which magical creature (vampire, werewolf, fairy, mermaid, chimera etc) would you like to be your companion/pet?

  *Inhales* A BABY DRAGON

    4.       Why do you make art?
  Cause' it's fun

    5.       What is your favourite quote?

"Panclocks". Just that. Just thinking of it makes me laugh

    6.       What’s your favourite dessert?


    7.       Do you have a song you could call your themesong?

    8.       If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Donald trump, so I can rip his balls off and shove them up his ass

    9.       What would count as a perfect day for you?

Doing absolutely nothing, just playing games and talking to friends

    10.   Do you have any other hobbies besides art?

Does watching meme-shitposts count?

    11.   What was the last dream that you can recall about?

Being kidnapped and used as a sex slave. 

    12.   What are you afraid of?

Ahem *Pulls out a scroll and unrolls it, watching it slowly vanish into the distance*

My questions: 

1. Are you feet editable?

2. Are you a auto cannibal? 

3. If you had to, would you eat someone?

4. What would you do if someone was being eaten but another person? 

5. Why do I exist?

6. Who would you want to bone in real life?

7. Do you have an unhealthy obsession?

8. Would you buy a storefull of kittens?

9. Do snakes freak the fuck out of you?

10. Do you like spiders?

11. Thoughts on rape?

12. Any fantasy person you would want to meet?

HarmonySkish OhHoneyBee ImmaGoddamPony Rayman-Gamer MerrisFlick BlitsAzalisDash MademoiselleMoonYT  BloodyCupcake42 Bloodhuntress44 

I'm gonna make one for ya boi for a friend next- 

!WARNING! The following has explicit content that people might find disgusting! Pretty much, if ya don't like sex, then don't read this!


You walked down the boardwalk, temporarily stopping to breathe in the intoxicating scent of the flora that surrounded you. Your Pokemon, a Ribombee, flew elegantly beside you, taking his time with smelling each rose. He loved it when you would come here, so you let him out of his Pokeball and enjoy the flowers. You were on your way to the police station by Po-town to check on the Island's one and only, kahuna Nanu. He's an interesting fellow, that's for sure. He'd rarely take time out of his day to take care of himself, which was the reason you were going there. He didn't even have a bed to sleep in, and just slept on the couch. 

You reached the end of the meadow and returned Ribombee to its Pokeball. Nanu's meowths didn't particularly like Ribombee, so you kept him in his Pokeball when you were over there. You walked up to the police station and briskly knocked on the door. The door opened a crack and felt a piercing red gaze. It opened fully when it saw who it was, revealing a tired looking Nanu. 

"What's it this time, girl?...." He asked with a bare tone. One of his meowth sat beside his foot, and began to paw at him. He sighed and walked back inside, with a quick "Come in and shut the door..." after. He filled the food bowls that were scattered around the house, while you sat down and waited.

You spoke up when he was done. "So, I brought you some food.." You said, setting the bag down on the counter. He paused a bit.

"I'm not hungry....." He said, turning around. As he turned, his stomach rumbled a bit You giggled a bit. "You say you aren't, but your stomach begs to differ" You smiled as he turned back around. "Fine... I'll eat..." He agreed reluctantly. 

~Time skip~ 

After Nanu had finished eating, you offered to clean up for him, but he declined. You were walking towards the door, saying a quick goodbye. As you reached the door, your hands were roughly pulled behind your back. You felt something clasp around your wrists. "You aren't going anywhere just yet, girl". Strong arms wrapped around you and picked you up. 

He turned you around and pinned to the nearby wall. Nanu stared at you, his blood-red eyes drilling holes in you. He moved to your hips and pulled off your skirt. You realized all too suddenly what his plans were. You start to squirm around, trying to wiggle your wrists out of the cuffs. He gripped your hips tightly, making you cry out. "Struggle again and you won't like what happens" He growled, staring up at you. 

He started to pull off your panties, licking his lips at the site of your clitoris. He forcefully spread your thighs and stared into your core. He suddenly bit on your pearl harshly. You whined loudly at the rush of pain. He released it at the sound of your cry, gently licking it afterward. He sucked on your folds, his tongue poking at your entrance. You whimpered as he did so. He took this as permission to take it further and rammed his tongue into you. You let out a strangled moan at the sudden assault on your senses, your precum dripping onto his tongue. He let out a pleased grumble at the taste of you. 

He rubbed the walls of your clit as he moved his tongue in and out. You began panting as he increased the pace, your orgasm approaching all too soon. You came hard, your essence flowing into his mouth. He removed his mouth from you, watching the remaining bit of your cum leak out of you. "Delicious...." He mumbled quietly.  

He began to unbutton his tight pants, pulling them down and kicking them off. He rubbed himself through his boxers before he removed them too. He grabbed your thighs, pushing them up. He plunged his dick into you, wasting no more time with foreplay. You bit your lip to hold in your scream. "Don't you dare keep your moans from me...." Nanu growled huskily into your ear, before he bit down harshly on it, forcing a moan from you. He hummed, pulling his dick out of you, and slamming it back in. You panted and moaned, unable to contain yourself. 

"N-nanu-! Please!" You cried out as he pushed his cock deeper into you. He chuckled, "Please what?". He began to roughly pound into your body, taking no mercy on you. He grinned as he looked down at you, unable to make any noise as he mercilessly fucked you. 

Your climax hit you for the second time, your vision going white as your cum covered his dick. He grunted, your cum providing more lubrication for his cock. He thrusted harder and faster, as he began to pant and groan. He whispered huskily into your ear "Hah.... I'm going to- Ngn... Cum in your tiny body...". Right on time, he came hard into your pussy. He panted harshly as he pulled his spent dick out of you. He picked up your tired body, and laid you down on the couch. He got dressed, pulling his pants on. 

He looked around at his meowth, whom looked surprised at the scene that had played out in front of them. "Don't look at me like that.." He grumbled slightly as he laid down on the other couch. 


Sadly, I couldn't work a leash into this- 
I'm very conflicted on Nanu's character. 

I can't decide if I should kink shame myself or imagine jumping his bones